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We meet every Tuesday. Place and time of meeting if otherwise not mentioned: 

1068 Budapest, Benczúr utca 35


The Rotary movement in Hungary can also help in its own way. We have to support mainly the young so that they become intelligent and professionally well educated people. First of all, we are obliged to provide stimulating types of support to schoolchildren. We have to raise their interest and desire to learn. One can do this even by giving "seed money" to financially handicapped schools, like subscription to periodicals, school library grants, student competitions, and others. This way larger groups of students and teachers can gain access to support. Enhancing the regional visibility of Rotary is also one of our tasks. The best way of doing this is through our projects. The well established projects are good advocates of the principles and goals of the Rotary movement. As a good example, the Gift of Life project is worth mentioning. We are convinced, that the support to the Gézengúz Foundation, subscribing to the periodical World of Nature (Természet Világa) that supports the education of natural sciences in high schools are equally worthy endeavours. These projects serve concrete and noble goals, and at the same time they publicise the Rotary logo widely. The above mentioned three projects have won their international dimension by receiving support from foreign Rotary clubs as well. Further contributions to these and other similar projects are highly appreciated. 

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